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Graphic design

Bring your brand to the next level.


About Studio

Design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn
Our objective is to help businesses succeed by offering organizations throughout the world the most effective, innovative, and affordable content marketing services and technology solutions.
We're Galaxy Graphics. AKA: what happens when a group of marketing geniuses gets their hands on some amazing information.

Our team

Galaxy Graphics

Arthur Aimes is the creative genius behing apps and websites. He creates beautiful content for clients.

Arthur Aimes
Apps and Websites

Galaxy Graphics

James is the creative guy behind posters, flyers, invitations, and all the good stuff.

James Hollister

Galaxy Graphics

Christopher is in charge of managing and creating good logos, branding graphics, and more for our clients.

Christopher Adams
Branding Creator


Have a look at this gallery we set up for you to enjoy and maybe get some ideas for your next project. Everything here is created by our amazing team members.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

We’re Fast

We're Magic

What people say?

Galaxy Graphics performed an outstanding job designing a logo, website, and other advertising materials for me, and they did so fast! I'll call on them whenever I have a need. I can't express enough good things about my time there.

Hyram Payne

What people say?

Since 2014, I've been exclusively working with Galaxy Graphics, and it's been fantastic! They work quickly and consistently produce high-quality results. They take my ideas and turn them into a professional design that meets my business objectives.

Cosby Dushi

What people say?

Every creative design task I give to Galaxy Graphics is met with a seemingly limitless font of ideas, which they use to continually surprise and amaze me.

Oprah Stones
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